Introducing: Bitfresh

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Transparent and fair gambling.

Bitfresh is the first community-driven iGaming platform where everyone wins.

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This could be you.

Games you already know

Old-school UI without clutter. We’re rethinking casino games like the dice game and the coin flip, with more coming soon.

A smarter way to gamble

Secure and transparent, provably fair.

Innovative Game Mechanics

Auto-betting, token mining, hidden jackpots and community challenges.

Dividend Sharing

Get rewarded for your playtime as our platform grows.

Transparency & Fairness

Verify each transaction and eliminate the need for trust.

Bitfresh Token

Designed for profit sharing and stakeholding.

Limited supply of 1,000,000,000

As the community grows, dividends increase with demand.


TRC‌-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the TRON blockchain.

Always earning

Obtain BFT each time you play, win or lose. Mining is relative the size of your bet.

Free trade

Trade your BFT for the crypto of your choice — such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Bitfresh vs. conventional i-Gaming

Looking for an alternative to conventional i-Gaming?

Conventional i-Gaming

Staking payout system with the first crypto pool in the i-Gaming industry.

Conventional i-Gaming

Lack of real investment opportunities. No dividend sharing, no crypto payouts.


Transparent, provably-fair gaming — backed by blockchain technology.

Conventional i-Gaming

Provably-fair games are rare. True transparency doesn’t exist.


Good design based on timeless principles and community feedback.

Conventional i-Gaming

Copycat design culture without real innovation.


Non custodial betting. Players have control over their assets.

Conventional i-Gaming

Custodial betting. Withdrawing assets is messy and complicated.

Get started — we’re in alpha

We’re working hard to put the finishing touches onto Bitfresh. In the meantime, you can join our Ambassador Program to get early access and exclusive benefits.

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